How to Share Your Apartment with a Roommate


If you have recently moved into some of the new apartments in Birmingham AL and you have a low-paid job, you might find it hard to cover all the expenses by yourself. Many young people opt for having a roommate in this situation. But in many situations money can be a constant reason for arguing when you have a roommate and this can put quite a kink into your life

and may be difficult to resolve. So what can you do to avoid money issues or to peacefully resolve them when a roommate is involved?

The most basic thing to do is to split the bills. You will normally split rent, cable and utilities. If you have internet, you should discuss with your roommate whether he will be using it and if yes, you can split that too. If you are the landlord, you might have to pay for garbage and water yourself. If not, you might find it useful to have everyone signed a contract so that you will not be responsible for your roommate’s actions. If you also have separate bills, it might be a little more expensive, but that way each one will have their own responsibility.

If you share your apartment it is essential that everybody pays on time. If someone doesn’t pay, someone else will have to do it. This problem needs to be solved before it shows up. Some people keep a special pot where every roommate puts a few extra hundred dollars just in case. This works like a sort of roommate deposit. If someone needs the money and takes it to pay bills, they will have to replace it in the shortest time possible.

A special situation comes up when your roommate is not just that, but your significant other. In this situation you might have the tendency to combine more categories. But it wouldn’t be wise to completely merge your finances until you are married. You should set up a household budget and both contribute to rent, groceries and bills equally. But if one of you makes a lot more money a fifty-fifty split in expenses might not be completely fair. In this case you could contribute both with the same percent of you salaries.

Food can be a constant reason for argument between roommates. If you are good friends, you could share your food but it can lead to misunderstandings. Having separate shelf space in the refrigerator might be a solution, but this not always works either. In this case get a black permanent marker and write your name on everything that belongs to you. Or you could cook on turns for each other if you decide so.

The key to having a good roommate relationship is to be open and peacefully discuss every problem that occurs. You could set a certain day in a week when you discuss roommate issues for half an hour or 15 minutes. This way you can avoid misunderstandings to poison your life.