What to Do When You Have to Live in Your Parents’ Apartment

Parents’ Apartment

Young people have the tendency to move out form their parents’ home as soon as possible. But some of them find it hard to manage on their own, or have a hard period and need to move back to their parents for a while. How can you get through this period of your life without going crazy or driving your parents crazy

? If the home is quite large, then you probably don’t get in each other’s way too often, but what if you need to share an apartment with your folks?

First of all don’t ever forget that in your parents’ apartment your parents are the ones who make the rules. Don’t try to change them because you will only have to suffer. They probably have those rules developed through many long years and they won’t give them up so easily. So if they still think that three remotes are better than one, just let them.

Another basic rule is that you should never try to redecorate or even change the place of things. Your parents have got used to their things being where they are and if you try to convince them that the armchair would be more useful near the window, you are wasting your time. Don’t throw out anything, not even if they are completely useless from your point of view.

You need to understand that you will always be a child in your parents’ eyes. That is why they will explain how things work in the house even they have done it one million times before and you have spent many years in the apartment and you know it by heart. And they will also have to check if you have done things well. Don’t panic, you will be moving out some day.

No matter how small the apartments in Birmingham AL are, you will never find your things where you left them. If it’s your telephone, a cup of coffee or your earrings, you will never be able to put them where they belong. So instead of looking for them, just ask where they are. And don’t ever try to make your parents leave things where you want. That will never happen.

So don’t panic if you feel you have no more personal life in your parents’ apartment. Just wait for that special moment when you will finally move out. And don’t forget to be grateful. Your parents will probably spoil and pamper you, happy they have you home once again. Just enjoy that time and make the best out of it. And if you feel you need to keep your dignity, you could just insist on paying a part of the rent or contributing to the bills. You could even show your gratefulness by surprising your folks with a gift. Rules won’t change with that but it can set a peaceful tone in the family.